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strategy, leverage, threee months from ow at the expeese offjobs and the economy." unworthy of the fiscal and ecooomiccchallenges that we face. ittdoes not have certainny it doesn't have growth and it doesn't have my support" 33 hoose conservatives broke rrnks with gop leaders & voted against the bill as nsufficiently democraas voted or it afttr indicated ttice it would not object to the easure because it -- quott liffs theeimmeeiate threat of congressional republicaan have backed oof an insiittnce on holding the nation's economy hostage carney sayy "the house republicans made a decision to back away frrm the kind of brinksmanship that waas mmrkkts, very concernnng to business, very ccncerninggto the american people." while house republicaan ave passsd budgets during thee obama era, thh democrat-controlled senate has not. buu evee bill passse the house, pemocrats in the senate agreed to vote on it, too. rrid says "weere going to proceed to work get it out of here as quickly as we can." cameron says "deeocrats say they won this round because the debt
or the global economy about the simple proposition thattthe unitte states always pays its biilsalso on the ppesident's ccmprehensive immigration reform.and nnthe aftermath of the newtown, connecticut sshool schooting - a push for congress to pass tighter gun pontrol laws.in washington, i'm tory dunnan. 3 the presidenn mmy have a llt of convincing to do... if he wwnts his second--erm agenda to pass passright now...51--ercent off people apppove of the jjb he president is doing.43 perceet disapprove. disapprove....and president obbma...has the 3rd áworstá job approval ratiig for his first term......of any president after world war 2. the avvrage for his first teem wass499point-1.just gerald ford and jimmy ccrter fared 3 coming up innour 6 o'clock hour... 3 gain some weight... ad help our pmrriage. the new study that says young couples wwo pack on the pounds 3 3thh ravens are gearing p... for a trip to the super bowl. how coach john harbaugh plans -3 po gettthhir riends and family to the big game. ,3 ((break 3)) - 3
the teaay rise is linked t the struggling economy... and greater competition for new jobs.the national drrpout rate is about 3-percent verall.... which is down from the yyar before. 3 after a celebration, president obama will wake p with many challenges to face in his second term. tory dunnan has a llok back at the past few days and hat's nextt p3 "today weeexperienced the - majesty of our ddmocracy." -3 president obama''ssecondd inauguration followed ámost &paround, thhre wwre a coupleeof repeaas.becauseejanuary 20th fell on a sunday, obamm took the oath of office...noo once & "iibarack hussein ooama do sooeenly swear" bbt twice."so help you goo?""so help me god." the presiddnt anndfirst lady walked part of the parade &proote along pennsylvania avenue... getting outtoo the - car more than once. and michelle obama....wore a long red gown toothe inaugural balls. she chose the same designer -- jaaon wu -- who - she wore to the inaugural - balls four ears ago. as for the president, t was his second crack attdellvering an the maggitude of the momeett "we
of the - 3 a baa day for merica's economy. more than... 190-miilion peeple... are... wittout jobs.../ &pand... looking. thiss.. according to... an... annual repprtt.. from... the... int'l... labor orranization...///. experts... say... unemployment ...will rise this yeaa.../ because... of... the lack of jobs... available...//. the shows... those... who have .damage... but a goooddaa to staat a new career at a maryland casino. underwayyin glen burniee.. aa 12-week course offered by anne marrland live casino added 12- hundreddnew jjbs after voterss approved expanded gambliig. employees will be table games dealers... ann the casino is paying for their training.the a bad day to ggt caught withoot a heavy coat. 3 the wind was whipping tonight privinn old air through anythinn but the thickest &pclothhs. as the sun wenn down, temperatures fell. and hearttest people off the streett in fells point. and the bad day continuess tonight in perry haal afttr a water main break. our friggd gushing water into a sheet of just before five tonnght. tte water ra
the steady riie is linked to the struggling economy... and reater competition or new jobs.the national dropout rate is about 3-percent overall.,.. which is down from tteeyear before. today federal investigators in the u-s are schedulee to pooduct more tests... to dreamliner -8-7.suspicions about the batteries and a possibbe fire risk prompted the u-s and ther ations... to ground all 50 dreamliners worlddide last week.the aircraft costs about 200-million dollars to make. 33 even though john harbaugh would rather downplay ii... gorilla in the room.he's facinn his own flesh and blood &ppn tte super bowl. bowl.ffr he first time in any major american professional sport... brothers go &phead-to-head n a championshi game.but bott john anddjim agree... that'' nnt the story tt focus o here. interesttng. there's nothinggy 3 more to learn. you know the tape across the middle of the room storyy ok? you got it. you know it's ok. we're just liie any otter family. and i really hhpe the focus is noo so much oo that. i get it, itts really cooo and exciting 01:00:45:33 im: "you know two bowl and
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years ago.the trrubling facts about our economy.... that have the country feeling a lot less optimistic about presiddnt so far... president obama has laid out a broad and mbitious term....but aa tooy dunnan .- reports...getting something difficult. oo tuesday the inaugural celebration was capped off with a traditional prayer service at the national the president begins a second perm - with ppenty on his plate.we will respond to the phhrat of climate changein his inaugural adddress -obama pushed for action on the environment - saying the impact offnaturalldisasters ccrney folllwed p. this is not only an issse of helpinn our climate nddenvironment but a matterr f our national securitysome top republicaas &pappear more focused on sppnding ii wassingttn.we should start withhspendinn and debt because if we donnt get a patters.house republicans are expected to vote wednesday on a three--onth extension of the ebt ceiling - but with a f the stipulation the seeate passes months.the white house says itts ready to work towardd something llsting..hat wee support is aalong-term raisinn don't have
now- right ii front you'veegot the need tooreducee grow the economy, ennrgy nd cliiatt ccange, immigration, gun safety. thiigs are stacked up" gun control has topped headlines in rrcent &pweees... tte president &phas vowed toopass strictee gun 3 lawmakers on both sides of the numbee of republiians say they don't appreciate the presiddntt tacticsscruz says: - "within minutes of thaa horribleetragedy ii newttwn the pressdent began trying o exploit ttat traaedy and push a gun control genda." some ddmocratt say the time for gun reform s now..- sccumer says: "this is the best chancc of getting pometting done, and i think you'll find that we have much broader support than we would haae ever imaginee." and - outside gun conttol measures, economic ecovery and immigration reform... some pnalysts say thh presidents biggest hurdle might be a divided congress.liz marlantts / christiaa scienne monitori for obama ii actually to give -3 the country aasense that somethinggis going to get 3 washington isn't hopeless and that he
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8